Benefits of Rose Oil

What is Rose Essential Oil?

Smelling the beautiful scent of a rose is an experience that can reignite memories of young love, summer holidays and majestic gardens. But did you know these beautiful flowers also hold incredible health boosting benefits! Rose essential oil has been used both medically and cosmetically for thousands of years.
Rose essential oil comes from the steam distilled petals of the Damask Rose (Rosa Damascene) or the Cabbage Rose (Rosa Centifolia). Rose essential oil has a very rich floral scent that is both sweet and slightly spicy at the same time.

Beneficial Emotionally, Spiritually and Mentally

Rose Oil has the power to have deep and profound psychological effects. From its soothing sedative action which brings balance to the emotions, to its stimulating qualities which will uplift the mind and create a true sense of well-being.

The extraordinarily potent harmonizing properties of Rose make it of particular benefit to balancing problems of the heart. It can open doors to love, friendship and empathy, encourage patience and compassion and may help in dealing with grief.

Rose oil dissolves emotional blockages and feelings of disappointment. An ultra-feminine oil offering a woman positive feelings about herself, it’s also known to relieve mood swings during pregnancy and ease post-natal depression.

With a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac, Rose oil can help with frigidity and impotence.

Rose Oil will release nervous tension and stress, therefore helping with the diseases resulting from this. It can ease depression, help with insomnia and release feelings of sorrow, grief, fear, jealousy and resentment, while strengthening the inner being.

Beneficial to the Physical Body

There are many properties of rose oil beneficial to the physical body. The go-to oil for many women’s issues, such as reproductive, conception and menstrual concerns, PMS and menopause. It supports throughout childbirth, balancing hormones and aiding recovery. One note of caution however as rose oil also has the ability to encourage menstruation it should not be used during pregnancy.

Rose Oil benefits the heart and increases circulation. It balances the stomach during emotional upsets and other digestive concerns and its cleansing and purging effect on toxins has even been said to help with a hangover.

It can also be useful for dealing with respiratory concerns, sore throats, sprains, gum disease, headaches and migraines, fevers and shingles.

Rose oils ability to sooth underlying tension, together with its ability to release dopamine, our Happy Hormone, means its reputation as an aphrodisiac and remedy from sexual concerns is well founded.

Rose Oils strong antiseptic properties and its ability to be used on even the most sensitive skin make it particularly healing if you are suffering from eczema, inflammation, sensitivity, ulcers or wounds and can even help when applied to wrinkles.

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