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Organic CBD Oils, Pastes and Water-soluble Drops

Buy organic CBD Oils, Pastes, Balm and Water-soluble drops online today. At Chronic Tonics we supply a range of CBD products – all produced from Organically grown hemp, with quality control from seed to finished product.

What is CBD?

With all the buzz around CBD supplements over the past few years it is no surprise more and more people are wanting to try CBD products and experience the benefits for themselves. We only sell Organic CBD Oils produced from organically certified hemp. However not all products are equal so before you buy CBD Oil make sure you know what your buying and where it comes from.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring, non-psychoactive compound (also known as cannabinoid) found in the resinous flower Cannabis, aka hemp. CBD makes up roughly 40% of the plants extract. 

Cannabis contains over 113 different cannabinioids, which interact with the bodys endocannabinoid system when cannabis is smoked, vaporized or ingested.

Apart from CBD the other major cannabinoids found in cannabis include; tetrahydracannabinol (THC) responsible for producing the psychoactive effects of cannabis, cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol(CBG),and cannabicyclol (CBL).

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Hemp the miracle-plant

Did you know that hemp seeds contain the complete range of nutritionally valuable amino acids.

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Versatile through the ages

Hemp has been refined into rope, cloth, pulp, hemp oil, wax, resin, paper, fuel and even cosmetics.

Best CBD Oil

Less than 0.02% THC

All of the supplements in our Chronic Tonics CBD Range contain less than 0.02% THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid.

About Our Organic CBD Oils

We believe all of our Chronic Tonics should be of the highest possible quality, and our range of Organic CBD Oils and Supplements is no exception. We source our CBD range from producers who only use 100% organically grown and certified hemp.

The hemp crops are owned and managed by the producers of our CBD Oils, Pastes and Water-soluble Aqua drops, meaning they have full control of the production process from seed to finished product. The end results are Organic CBD Oils and supplements produced to the highest standards of quality.

The raw plant matter is cooled under high-pressure using CO2, then the oil is extracted. The result is a very pure oil that has preserved all of its natural qualities.

Although legislation has muzzled me from making any medicinal claims about my CBD products – I can guarantee their quality! We suggest you do your own research regarding CBD and what it can do for you or speak to your doctor.

Feel free to contact us at any time regarding our products.

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Buy CBD Oil Supplements online Today!

Organic CBD Oil

CBD Oils

The pure and unadulterated raw CBD paste extract is mixed with fresh organic olive oil to produce a fresh and much less bitter taste than when the paste extract is mixed with hemp oil – making for a much more pleasurable experience. Buy CBD Oil online today!

Buy Raw Full EXtract CBD Paste

Raw CBD Paste

This is the raw CBD extract. The oil / paste contains over 75 active cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC, together with all the natural plant terpenes. The full spectrum of cannabinoids in our paste means they work much more effectively than CBD isolate products. 

CBD Water-soluble Drops

Water-soluble CBD Aqua Drops

The Water-soluble Aqua Drops is made from 99.6% phyto-organic CBD molecules and combined with an emulgator to achieve the desired level of absorption and bio-availability – this means they absorb more fully and rapidly in the body than the oil. Buy CBD Oil online today!

Proud of our products

CBD Product Certificates

At Chronic Tonics we believe 100% in our CBD Products, and we want you to know all our products contain the amount of CBD you are paying for!! 

What happens when You take CBD?

There is a great buzz around CBD supplements, and the ever growing demand for CBD products has seen the industry itself go from strength to strength.

Thats why medical and scientific interest in CBD is peaking right now. You can find numerous amounts of data and clinical studies out there showing the many and varied benefits of CBD. Thankfully we’re starting to get a better understanding of how CBD benefits the body and how its does that!

Here we’ll look at how CBD interacts the body system

You may not realise but our bodies are designed to accept and benefit from CBD. Whys that? because we all have an endocannabinoid system. The inbuilt function in our bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS) is to derive benefits from CBD and other cannabinoids. We already produces small amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids naturally and this is shown to increase by up to 60% when singing or dancing, so when you use CBD, you’re just giving it more of a substance it already produces naturally.

Its not just us humans who have an ECS but many animals, including our domestic  friends the cat and dog, respond favourably the CBD due to the presence of an ECS. Perhaps mother nature is trying to tell us something.

The ECS works alongside your immune system and  a number of essential functions in your body. CBD works in harmony with the body to release beneficial chemicals that benefit overall wellbeing. CBD IS NOT AN OVERPOWERING DRUG it simply works with your endocannabinoid system to promote wellness and various therapeutic benefits across many areas of the body.

A common misconception about CBD is that its derived from recreational cannabis or marijuana. However CBD products are produced from hemp and while hemp is a member of the cannabis genus, the THC levels present in industrial hemp plants grown for CBD cultivation, are nearly non-existent – less than one-percent. Hemp does have very high levels of CBD and that’s why it’s grown specifically for that use.

So you don’t have to worry about getting ‘high’ or having a psycho-active experience because there simply isn’t enough of the THC cannabinoid present in Hemp derived CBD products. Instead you can sometimes find general feelings of wellness.

When you first decide to try CBD you should always start with a low dose, you need to feel comfortable with the effects so indulging in a large dose first time is not recommended.

In terms of how to increase the dosage, we recommend you start with a dosage of around 10-15mg of CBD per day, that’s equivalent to 1 – 2 drops of our 10 ml oil. Evaluate how you feel on a weekly basis and, if required, slightly increase the dosage week on week, until you feel your happy with the effects, this is your ‘sweet spot’. You may have to increase your dose over time, this is normal and you will know when the time is right.

Everyone has a different tolerance to CBD and their own unique requirements from CBD, so the dose that works for you, might not be the dose that works best for someone else. Just follow our advice and find your ‘sweet spot’ and you’ll soon be benefiting from everything CBD has to offer!

If you want to find out more about CBD or find the right CBD product for your needs, visit our Chronic Tonics store today. We offer a credible, trustworthy platform for your CBD needs, and all of our products undergo rigorous testing before we offer them to our customers.

Like what you see? Our full CBD Supplement range is available to buy in store today!

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