Water Soluble CBD Drops – 10% CBD – 10 ml

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Fast-acting, water soluble CBD Aqua Drops

Our water-soluble CBD Aqua Drops are made from purified, 99.6%, Phyto-organic CBD molecules and emulsifier to achieve the desired level of absorption and bioavailability. This formulation allows healing compounds to reach every part of your body rapidly. Consumed quantity of CBD will be absorbed by your body 100%.

Our Water Soluble CBD Drops provide extremely rapid fast-acting delivery of CBD – a real natural kick!!

Instructions for use: Put 2 – 3 drops into a bottle with 300 – 400 ml of water (or juice). Close the bottle and shake vigorously so all the drops dissolve in the water, then drink.

Content: 10 ml (10% – 1000 mg CBD)

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1 review for Water Soluble CBD Drops – 10% CBD – 10 ml

  1. Josephine Murray

    I have chronic pain. Since starting to use the water soluble drops I have been able to cut back dramatically on my use of opioids. And it works more quickly😀

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